This Town's Taxable Assessed Property Value Rose by $47 Million in 10 Years Thanks to Hasidim

The construction growth in the Hasidic-populated Village of Kiryas Joel in Orange County, New York caused the village's taxable assessed property value to jump by $48.2 million from 2008 through 2018; according to tax records obtained and reviewed by OJPAC. During this period, KJ was in the Town of Monroe and the value of the town's taxable assessed properties rose by $47.1 million. (The Town's total growth of $47.1 million is less than KJ's $48.2 million contribution because some areas in the town saw a drop in taxable value).

As of 2019, the Village of Kiryas Joel is in its own Town of Palm Tree. As a result of losing the Kiryas Joel tax base, the Town of Monroe raised property tax on its remaining residents by up to 10%; depending on the location. This means that the Hasidic-populated Kiryas Joel was a net tax boon for the town overall. (The tax hike has been reported by The Rerecord and posted in an OJPAC article here.)

In addition to Hasidic Community growth generating an expanded property tax base and a net tax base, home selling prices rose most in the Lower Hudson Valley from 2014 through 2018 in neighborhoods where Hasidim moved to. (Read the report here).

As reported by OJPAC, 69.9% males age 20-64 in Kiryas Joel were employed during the 2013-2017 Census survey years. This tracks closely to the 75.8% males across New York in the same age group that were employed.

The above statistics - sourced from government data, media reports and private industry research - disprove the lies written daily on Hasidic-obsessed Facebook pages in suburban New York and New Jersey about the supposed financial cost and negativity from the Hasidic Community.

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