Video: Film Maker Blames the Holocaust ‘Partly’ on Hasidim

Heidi Ewing is co-director of the newly released “One of Us” film regarding a few people who are no longer practicing Hasidim. In a paid interview on the Charlie Rose Show with Guest Host Jeff Glor, Ms. Ewing said Hasidim were murdered in the Holocaust “partly because they refused to blend in.” This is outrageous on its face and ignorant too as most Jews murdered had long “blended in”; were not observant and were certainly not Hasidic. See the video:

Update Sunday October 22 5:00 pm: Ms. Ewing released the following statement earlier this afternoon.
“I am sorry if my words on Charlie Rose caused any pain and would like to clarify their meaning. The devastating losses that the Jewish community suffered at the hands of the Nazis is unspeakable. Almost half the population of world Jewry was destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators, whole communities destroyed. In the midst of this sweeping genocide, Hasidic Jews suffered disproportionate losses during the Holocaust partially because they were more easily identified and therefore had more difficulty hiding. This has been documented by multiple historians. It took great courage for Hasidic Jews at that time to refuse to change their appearance to look more like the general European public. I am only filled with respect and admiration for any person who chooses to live their own truth.”

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