Video: Times Square Billboard About Vaccines

The disinformation regarding vaccination rates among Orthodox Jews overall and specifically Hasidim, led to bigoted incidents and unfair treatment of Orthodox Jews. OJPAC is setting the record straight, while raising awareness about vaccinations, with this billboard in Times Square that will run for a week. (Sources for the 96% data point is available below.)

1) "The New York State Health Department reports [that] the average vaccination rate for measles among the nearly 200 Jewish K-12 schools in Brooklyn — mainly in Borough Park and Williamsburg — is 96%, six percentage points higher than the statewide average among private schools. In contrast, six other New York counties have a vaccination rate below 50%." - Op Ed in the NYDN 5/15/19 co-authored by a doctor specializing in infectious disease and by a professor who focuses on immunization issues

2) "A careful look at the data available on vaccination rates in Orthodox Jewish communities, and reports by members of the community and their doctors, indicate that the Hasidic community is vaccinated on par with the rest of the city." - The Epoch Times 4/29/19

3) "According to NY State data for the [Sep] 2017 school year, 94% of kids at Orthodox Jewish schools in Williamsburg, along with 97% in Borough Park, have gotten their MMR vaccines." - Emma Green, The Atlantic May 25, 2019

4) "Governmental records indicate that the measles vaccination rates in yeshivos in Williamsburg, Borough Park and across New York State are high, with yeshiva averages statewide exceeding 96%. Similarly, high rates were obtained in areas around the country with large Jewish populations. While vaccination rates in certain schools and for preschoolers may be lower, vaccination is the clear societal norm in Orthodox Jewish communities." - Agudath Israel 4/10/19

5) "The Commissioner of the Rockland County Health Department announced on April 9th, 2019, that 44 of the 61 schools who were on the exclusion list are now in good standing because at least 95% students in those schools are vaccinated. Rockland has 119 private schools (mostly Yeshivas), which means that almost half of those schools were not on the list to begin with, and 102 of the 119 schools are now in good standing. Moreover, the Health Commissioner noted that back in December 2018 - a few weeks into the outbreak but prior to the vaccination campaign - a Hasidic Yeshiva from the Satmar community had a 100% vaccination rate. Obviously, if a Hasidic Yeshiva had a 100% rate early on and half of the private schools were not on the exclusion list to begin with, the overall vaccination rate among Hasidim is way better than what some people believe it is." - OJPAC 4/14/19

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