Regarding the Increase in Heated Policy Rhetoric Nationally

In the USA, it is expected and accepted to criticize any individual, organization, country or movement. However, it is deeply troubling when people focus most of their criticism on a specific ethnic group, organization or country - most recently the singling out of Jewish organizations and Jewish activists by some elected officials.

It is okay to criticize the political and policy resources that flow from George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Sheldon Adelson and Tom Steyer regardless of their Jewish heritage because they are top donors, and top policy donors are the target of criticism no matter their personal heritage. Those donors are not more immune from criticism than the Koch Brothers whose large policy-related funding also faces critique.

Israel-focused donations, however, ranked number 50 among federal-level donors in 2018; meaning, there are 49 other issues which generated more political donations to federal candidates than did the issue of Israel. (Only $15 million of the $5.7 billion that was raised for the 2018 congressional elections were from pro-Israel donors.) Additionally, there are multiple global hot-spots beyond Israel in urgent need of focus. As such, when Israel and its supporters are singled out and on a level not seen on better-funded issues or on other foreign policy issues, it is correctly a cause for concern.

On a regional level in New York and New Jersey, many factors cause quality of life challenges that need to be addressed. Therefore, it is obvious that bigotry is at play when regional social media groups pin most local problems - real or imagined - on Orthodox Jews.

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