Playing Politics with Fire in Rockland

Fire safety standards at many public and some private schools, Jewish and non-Jewish, across New York are not up to par. In Rockland, the County Executive Ed Day who lives in the Town of Clarkstown, and Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski who represents Clarkstown, are focusing mostly only on Yeshivas in the Town of Ramapo. Our co-founder Yossi Gestetner was quoted in The Journal News and appeared on TV channels ABC 7, CBS 2 and News 12 to address it.

In The Journal News: "One has to wonder why Ken Zebrowski and Ed Day are pointing fingers at private schools in Ramapo while students in their own Clarkstown are exposed to water with dangerous levels of lead in crumbling public school buildings."
On ABC 7: "I favor, very much, strong, good, sound inspections at schools. There is no place for error when it comes to the safety of children. But on the other hand, there is no place to play politics when it comes to the safety of children."
On CBS 2: "I don't want people from outside of Ramapo to play politics against the Yeshivas."
On News 12: "We shouldn't give an inch when it comes to the safety of children, and on the other hand we got to make sure politicians should not exploit a serious situation for political gain."

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