OJPAC co-founder Opens Trump Jewish Media Meeting

GOP front runner Mr. Donald Trump took time to meet with members of the Jewish community on Thursday April 14th. Mr. Trump joins other presidential candidates, including Senator Ted Cruz and Governor John Kasich, in meeting with members of the Jewish community in recent weeks. These meetings are a rejection of the efforts by a list of elected officials to delegitimize the Orthodox Jewish community. As a 501(c)(3) OJPAC does not endorse any candidates, but we do facilitate community meetings. The meeting was opened by one of our co-founders, Yossi Gestetner.
“What I try to do as a service to the Jewish community at large and the Orthodox specific is, I co-founded an organization a couple of years ago called OJPAC; the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council. Our mission is to fight and counter the defamation and generalization of the Orthodox Jewish community. Too often people in politics and especially in the press are very unfair to the community and it has devastating effects; as you know what an unfair media can do to a person. That’s why, I think, we are all here very thankful that you took out some time to meet exclusively members of the Jewish media at large and specifically the Orthodox community to show everyone that each and every community in the United States matters. I believe you will speak now a couple of moments and then open the floor for [a conversation].”

The mission of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) is to counter the defamation of the Orthodox Jewish Community, and to champion civil rights and civil liberties. Please consider supporting our efforts by following us on Twitter/Facebook (@OJPAC); by sharing our content and by donating funds via our Donate Page. Your support is appreciated!

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