OJPAC Calls on Governor Cuomo’s Office to Release Accurate, Age-Based Coronavirus Vaccination Rates

60% of the Hasidic population is under the age of 18 as opposed to only 20% of the general population in New York being of this young age. Most Orthodox Jewish adults are under the age of 50; a group that across NYC has lower Coronavirus vaccination rates than older adults, and it is an age group to whom vaccines were not fully available a mere two months ago.

The chart below released by Governor Andrew Cuomo does not paint an accurate picture about vaccination levels in key zip codes. Indeed, as of late May, 50% of adults in Hasidic-populated Borough Park had at least one Coronavirus vaccination shot according to data from the New York City government. This mirrored the 52% rate among adult whites at the time; the 47% rate among Latino adults and the 35% level among African American adults.

Releasing incomplete data can potentially lead to misleading news articles and inflammatory social media posts against Orthodox Jews which in turn can lead to misguided focus by government agencies as well as to an increase in antisemitic incidents in business and in the streets. OJPAC asks that Andrew Cuomo’s office should pelase follow the model of NYC Mayor's Office and release Coronavirus vaccination rates by age group; especially under 18, age 18 through 49, and age 50 and above.

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