Follow up Video About County Concerned Only with Yeshiva Safety

Ed Day, the County Executive of Rockland, chases Yeshivas for either not filing correctly safety papers with the state or for having limited code infractions claiming his focus is for the safety of firefighters. However, in the news report below, he downplays the dangers posed by a crumbling government building saying that adults - not children - work there. If Mr. Day is concerned about adult firefighters why is he suddenly not so concerned for adult county employees? And is such a building not a death trap to firefighters?
Publicly focusing on Yeshivas while ignoring much worse safety problems literally in front of his nose (problems seen maybe at one of the 49 Yeshivas that Mr. Day wanted to re-inspect recently), proves that Mr. Day plays politics with the safety of people.
?The same is said on Assemblyman Kenneth P. Zebrowski: He held multiple press conferences with Mr. Day about the Yeshivas (mostly not in his district), but Mr. Zebrowski is silent on this dangerous building which is in his own district. Last year October, a Woman died in a fire in an illegally-converted house in Clarkstown; the district represented by Mr. Zebrowski. He did not use the sad tragedy in his home town as an example for - what he says is - a problem in all of Rockland. Instead, Mr. Zebrowski stood in front of a Yeshiva who in the past had a paperwork issue and said the Yeshiva is the example of what is wrong in Rockland.

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