Effigies on Purim and a Haman of Color

Effigies on Purim is to reenact the hanging of the biblical arch Jew-hater Haman. However, the specific effigy seen hanging in Spring Valley, New York in front of a house on Purim is unacceptable. With one million people in New York celebrating Purim, the actions of a few families over the years is not representative of the Orthodox Jewish community. However, the hundreds of vile online comments against all Orthodox Jews by many who claim to be outraged about the effigy is in fact representative of wide-spread anti-Orthodox bigotry.

The mission of the Orthodox Jewish Public Affairs Council (OJPAC) is to counter the defamation of the Orthodox Jewish Community, and to champion civil rights and civil liberties. Please consider supporting our efforts by following us on Twitter/Facebook (@OJPAC); by sharing our content and by donating funds via our Donate Page. Your support is appreciated!

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