60% New Yorkers Fail Civics Tests But Trolls Focus on Yeshivas

In February, the Woodow Wilson Center released results of a large study showing that 60% of New Yorkers surveyed scored F in a test that mirrors the questions given in quizzes to new citizens, and only 4% of those surveyed scored an A. These results are relevant now again because two trolls - who ran for office in New York but failed and are perhaps looking for easy attention - sent a letter to the Ed Departments of New York State and of New York City asking that both departments step up action against Yeshivas. Well, there are 3 million students in public and private schools in New York, and only 156,113 of those are in Yeshivas. The Wilson study results show that the state has much work to do across the state before disproportionately focusing on Yeshivas which comprises only 5.2% of all students statewide, and which produces well-educated students who are good earners too as our December 2018 study proves.

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